loans given to women as a starter up capital.

“Loans were provided to those who were not included in the oil and soap-making trainings,” stated YOWORI.

Among the various economic empowerment initiatives undertaken by Young Women Rise, the provision of loans is a significant one.

To guarantee financial equity among all women, Young Women Rise has been extending loans to those who are not involved in the oil and soap making sectors.

VSLs group

The Executive Director, Milliam Chilemba, stated that the initiative’s goal is to ensure that women have access to business capital via the provided loans.

Chilemba added that in the year just ended 2023, the total of one million one hundred thousand Malawi kwacha has been assigned for two groups.

The groups include a women’s group from Traditional Authority (T/A) Mpama and another from T/A Ntchema in the Chiradzulu district.

Young Women Rise

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